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Original music video edited by Erin Johnson, Spaceship Donuts keyboardist. Erin has been a music video director since circa 2004. Erin has filmed and directed several music videos for artists in other musical genres, including Trance/EDM, Urban Hip-Hop. 321 was edited utilizing NASA footage to accompany this self-produced demo recording of 321. The track features Foggmann on guitar and drums, with Erin on acoustic piano.


Neo-Gothic folk metal, rock and roll song and video by Spaceship Donuts. Song written and animated by Keyboardist Erin Johnson. Foggmann is on guitar and drums, with Erin on acoustic piano. Horizon represents the first digital animation and music video of Spaceship Donuts.


The animated sequences were created using a mouse over a one-year period involving two computer workstations 60 miles apart, floppy disks, a bicycle and many hours of dedication. Horizon was originally too large for the operating system to export as a digital file. The video therefore recorded on a late 1980's VHS camcorder which filmed the computer screen directly. The audio mix was subsequently overdubbed to the visuals using a 1970's era HI-FI tape deck, linked with two VCR's and the Roland VS-890. Only one copy remained on a VHS tape which was showing signs of decay, and was re-recorded from  VHS/TV screen playback on a more modern camera, 1,200 miles away from the place Horizon was originally animated. This enabled the digital version on Vimeo and YouTube to be viewable.

Cosmic Egret

Cosmic Egret was written and directed by Erin Johnson and is the first live-action music video for Spaceship Donuts and features Erin on guitars.


Empire, written by Foggmann. The song features Foggmann on drums, bass and guitar, with Erin Johnson at the keyboards. Music video directed and edited by Erin Johnson. 

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