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Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer, Organ, Vocals

Erin has played keyboards for over 20 years, beginning with classical lessons for a few years starting at an early age, and sitting in with rock musicians three times his age during his teens. A visionary multi-skilled visual artist, music video director, pre-production and post-production professional, painter, animator and songwriter, he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the prestigious Ringling College of Art + Design, where he attended with over 25 scholarships and grants. Erin's video production work has been featured at The Dali (Salvador Dali Museum).

Erin is from a multi-generational musical family. Erin is known for his intense, voyaging solos, tight rhythms, ability to originate unique progressions and engineered Spaceship Donuts' demos. He possesses a deep love of various musical styles, and champions the environment, human & animal rights.


Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

For Foggy, songwriting is the first priority. Foggy's writing, as described by the multi Grammy Award-winning rock n' roll producer is the kind of music that fills arenas and sells albums. Foggy played his first paying gig on guitar in seventh grade. He went on to spend the next decade and a half as a journeyman bassist/drummer/guitar player in various bands.

Songwriting quality always his primary concern, the resulting demos that came out of songwriting partner Erin Johnson's and Foggy's collaboration received big notice, in no small part due to an ever changing circle of other songwriter/players, so anywhere Foggy lived, his kitchen, porch or living room would be a gathering place for songwriter/players to bounce ideas and skills off of each other. Thus Spaceship Donuts began as a loose songwriting consortium.

Foggy has written scores of original songs himself, including many instrumentals, as well as ballads, from R&B influenced Blues/Rock to bass-scorching in your face Hard Rock, which incorporate his simultaneously worldly and mystical poetry infused as lyrics.

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